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  1. The C-130 has the longest continuous production run in the history of military aircraft (1954-Present) with over 2500 aircraft spread across 32 variants.

    A list of all the Variants of C-130
  2. C-130 J of the India Air Force holds the world record for the highest landing of an aircraft in its class.

    C-130J of the IAF landing at Daulat Beg Oldie airstrip (Worlds Highest Airstrip
  3. C-130 also holds the world record for being the largest and heaviest aircraft to ever land on an aircraft carrier.

    C-130 on board USS Forrestal (October 1963)
  4. MC-130 (a variant of C-130) holds the world record of dropping the largest conventional bomb (MOAB or GBU-43) ever used in combat.
  5. During the final days of the Vietnam war in April 1975, while evacuating Tan Son Nhut Air Base (South Vietnam), it had lifted more than 20,000 pounds above its maximum operational limit.
    A C-130A dropping off desperately needed material at Khe Sanh during the siege (Vietnam War)


  6. The C-130 has also served as an engine test bed for Airbus A-400M.
    A C-130 Hercules with an Airbus A400M engine


  7. The AC-130J of the USAF has a massive 105 mm Howitzer and is proposed to have the first significant airborne laser. uazgpnmiyw9wpk1j4tj5.jpg
  8. The C-130 is operated by over 50 countries spread across six continents. Untitled.jpeg
  9. Due to its robust design and Short take off and landing capabilities C-130 is generally the first fixed winged aircraft to land at the site of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s earthquake or Fukushima melt down.
  10. In its over 50 years of service, he C-130 series has logged over one-million hours flying special missions, including combat and humanitarian efforts.

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