I am Akash Pandey and am presently involved in making the dream of personal flight a reality for everyone and working towards obtaining my masters in Aerospace engineering from TU Delft. With my name, Akash, literaly meaning “sky” in sanskrit it is not too hard to belive that I am fascinated by anything that flies.

Having developed a strong liking for aircraft at a relatively young age, I have spent countless hours reading and learning about them. In the past few years I have also had the oppurtunity to apply all my theoretical knowledge to real world problems and had the pleasure to work in some of the most reputed and innovative companies and people in the aerospace industry. Along side aircrafts I am also an avid reader and love books realted to human phychology, religion and politics while constanltly following global conflicts and geopolitical situations. Spending my spare time collecting coins, traviling and photographing aircrafts I have gained an unique ability to zoom out of the present problems and understand the bigger picture. It is a culmination of these past experiecne and skills gained over a period of time that led to the creation of this website. Through this platform I share my views and opinions on the latest trends and developments in the aerospace industry and around the world to a wide audience base and learn from their reviews and feed back.

As of now, I am seeking challenging and exciting opportunities in the aerospace industry, where I can learn new skills and practically apply my knowledge. If you wish to know more about me please feel free to drop in a message.



Industrial Exposure/Work Experience: