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Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the most powerful country in the world was born to a Scotish immigrant (Marry Anne), while she was married to Fred Trump. Fred whose entire family had immigrated to America from a small German village called kallstadt. Yet, he managed to win an entire election riding on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiments and a promise to “Make America Great Again”. I know, that some of you might be of the opinion that Trump lost the popular vote (getting only got 63 million votes while Hillary got 66 million) or that he won due to Russian interference. But the very fact that he got over 60 million votes, without any prior government or military services, and at an age that most people retreat to the countryside speaks volume about his abilities as a Social Engineer. And as a  person who is able to regulate and manipulate the future development and behaviour of an entire society.

You see Mr Trump might not be making a lot of sense in any of his speeches, in fact, a recent report published by the Independent states that Trump speaks at a reading level of an 8-year-old. Which has been the lowest for any President since 1929, but his simple sentence construction and choice of word, has enabled him to leave a distinct mark on our subconscious minds. Phrases like “Build the wall”, “Believe Me”, “Great People” or “Make America Great Again” (a phrase that he borrowed from Ronal Reagan) has helped him create a unique brand and identity for himself. But it’s not just these repetitive phrases that he utilizes to influence his audience, Trump also frequently and subtly embeds commands into his speeches (A technique which is widely used by Hypnotist and Neuro Linguist Programmers across the world). Take a look at any of his speeches and you will find him commanding the audience to “imagine a great America” or to look at Mexico or Immigrants or Muslims, which would quickly be followed by a simple yet strong word like “Problem”, “Danger” or “Harm”. These simple yet punchy words help him paint a picture that’s grim and insight fear into his audience, which he later manipulates for his advantage.


Now you might have heard some of the Trump supporters say that he is not like other politicians and that he sounds different. Well, there is a very particular reason behind it, for the most part, they are right Mr Trump is no Politician. But what he is, is a brilliant salesman and a real estate agent (or Broker or Mogul). Remember your last interaction with a real estate agent, remember how he was almost able to convince you that the market prices are high when you wanted to buy a house and low when you wanted to sell it. That my dear friend is exactly what Trump has successfully pulled off, bringing his years of experience in the real estate business onto the presidential election. Convincing over 60 million Americans that America needs fixing and that he, without any prior experience, is the only one who can do that. That Mr Trump, who has filed for bankruptcy 4 times to wipe out debts that he could not pay, can protect the honest, tax-paying and hardworking Americans from greedy corporates who feed off their tax money. The very fact that Mr Trump successfully convinced a country made up of and by immigrants that migrant workers are bad, is only dwarfed by the claim that a Unicorn lair has been found in North Korea or maybe that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.


We have already established on how Mr Trump is a brilliant salesman and how he has used every trick in the book to sell himself to the American Public. However, Mr Trumps feat of Social Engineering is not limited to his speeches. Trump also routinely engineers audience reactions by planting paid actors and professional applauders (YES there is such a thing) to cheer for him, and BOO at the journalists and media outlets he so frequently attacks. Using a small number of paid claques Trump is able to manipulate his audience into cheering on points that made no sense what-so-ever. This thunderous applause when broadcasted over the television is able to trigger the social influence mechanism of the viewers and consequently even forcing them to adhere to Trump’s opinion. Don’t believe me, try listening to any of Trump’s future speeches without the background noise and you will know what I am talking about.


Benjamin Franklin once said – “If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.” and this is exactly what Trump has done so far. You must be wondering what can a person who mocks the American system, evades taxes, files for bankruptcy and claims to grab them by their PU**Y do to interest an Average American. An average American whose interest lies in making America Great by creating more jobs and fixing the health care system. But the interesting point is that things are not as they seem to be on the surface, subconsciously the Average American is tired of hearing the same old promises and now wants to be an outlaw. Take the whole fiasco behind the gun control law, despite overwhelming evidence and rampant mass shooting a stricter more stringent gun control law has not yet been enforced. We can blame it on NRA campaigns or the 2nd amendment. But the very fact that people in a nation with the most advanced armed forces and sophisticated intelligence gathering system in the world think that “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state” (Text of the 2nd amendment), speaks volume of the deeply embedded desire to go become an outlaw. This my dear friends is precisely what Trump brought with him, his outrageous claims, constant mockery of opponents and claim of being a person who beat the system to become a billionaire is what really interested the American Public. He said he would create more jobs by cutting immigration but in reality, jobs are moving out of the US even faster than before. He said he would fix the health care system but so far it has only gotten worse, he said there will be no new wars but over 3000 US soldiers are occupying about 30% of Syria and USAF is dropping bombs on it every day. The fun fact though is that he keeps getting away with all of it, lies, claims and scandals that could have cost some presidents their term barely makes a dent on him. Why you ask me? Well, let me tell you a story-

During the Korean war the Chinese and Soviets used to ask American POWs to say thing like “The United States is not perfect.” or “In a communist country, unemployment is not a problem.” over a Public Announcement system or to write it on a piece of paper with their signature on it. In return, the ill-treated American POW would get some extra ration or a promise of better treatment. This statement of the soldier and his write up would then be broadcasted on the radio and across the battlefront and in various other POW camps. And all of a sudden an honest patriotic soldier of the American Army would be portrayed as a collaborator with the enemy. Now the human brain craves consistency and it is this pressure to be consistent that the Soldier would now give in to. Many a time, the soldier would change his image about himself to be consistent with the deed and with the new “collaborator” label, he would often be pulled into even more extensive acts of collaboration.

An Example of the Chinese Psychological Operations technique used during the Korean War.

Can you see the similarity here? The modern-day Trump Supporter is just as trapped as the American POW during the Korean War. During the Early days of the campaign, Trump promised a Great America and made his supporters agree to things like building a wall on the Southern Broder, in a hope of curbing illegal drug trade and immigrants. But then things escalated pretty quickly and you know how things are. The extensive use of Social Engineering as a weapon by Trump has, in fact, resulted in a big blow to the free, accepting and the American way of life. I hope that the next time you see a Trump supporter you don’t just judge him for the person he supports, but as a victim who has fallen into a trap due to extensive Social Engineering. Just like the American POWs during the Korean war, they too are now forced to into collaboration. And if you are a Trump Supporter, I am just glad that you have read so far into the article.

I hope I was able to shed some light on how Trump and people like him are able to manipulate us into doing things that we don’t particularly like. And I sincerely hope that you can easily call out a person who tries to manipulate you the next time.

God Bless and Godspeed!

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