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  • At 32 hijackings, the 747 is the most hijacked wide body aircraft of all times.
  • With 3,718 fatalities since its introduction in 1970, the queen has claimed an average of 80 lives every year.
Crash site of one of the worst aviation disaster till date, when 2 Boeing 747 collided into each other on 27th March 1977, at Los Rodeos Airport (TFM)
  • The queen was actually designed as a porter, the 747 was actually designed to compete against the C-5 Galaxy as a military transport aircraft, but lost and was modified to meet Pan Am requirement of an airplane twice the size of a 707.


  • The leading edge slats and three part-flower flaps of a 747 when fully deployed increase the wing area by 21% and lift by 90%.
  • Early models of the 747 had a high-speed flutter problem in the wings. To solve this issue, Boeing placed depleted uranium counterweights in the outboard engine nacelles.
  • The wing of a 747-400 weighs about 95,000 pounds (43,090 kg) and is more than 30 times the weight of a Cessna 172.
  • At 2.7 meters, the engine fan diameter of the 747-8 is nearly as big as the fuselage of the B-29 bomber.
A B-29 bomber, it was also used to drop nuclear bombs on Japan.
  • Starting September 2016, jumbo jet production will be reduced to just one every two months.


  • The 747-8 has a wingspan of 68 meter, which is ½  a meters more than the length of 2 Boeing 737-700 parked end-to-end.

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