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  • At 3.43 meters the Fan diameter of the engine is almost equal to the max. Cabin width of a Boeing 737.


  • For their unique shape, the fan blades of GE90-115B have found a spot at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


  • A single GE90-115b produces the same amount of thrust as all the four engines in an A340-300.
  • With an In-Flight Shutdown Rate of 1 per million flight hours, you are ten times more likely to get struck by lightning.
  • At 115,000 pounds (513kN) the thrust produced by a single fan blade is three times the empty weight of Cessna-172.


  • It holds the world record for world’s longest flight by a commercial airliner, flying 21,600 Km in 22 hours, 42 minutes from Hong Kong to London via the Pacific and continental America.
  • The GE90-115B is powerful enough to operate GE’s Boeing-747 on its power.


  • It burns more than 230 liters of fuel every minute during takeoff.ttgnh.gif
  • Since its introduction in 1995, the GE90 family has accumulated more than 50,000,000 flight hour or 5,700 YEARS in air.
  • It also holds the record for longest single engine flight (ETOPS) at 5 hours 50 minutes.


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